Saudi Arabia: SFDA urges stricter inspection


Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Kanhal has urged the authority’s offices at customs outlets to be careful while examining imported foods, especially shipments of fish from the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

He said they should make sure there was no contamination from microbes as some countries around the Arabian Gulf discharge sewage into the sea without processing it.

He stressed the importance of the high nutritional value of fish and the need for inspectors to examine the properties of the fish or send samples to central labs.

After visiting SFDA offices in Salwa and Al-Bataha yesterday, Al-Kanhal said there was need to impose stricter sanctions on those who sell counterfeit medicines, because their effects are as damaging as drugs.

He added the punishments for dealing in counterfeit medicines are generally lighter than those for drug-related offenses.

The aim of Al-Kanhal’s visit was to improve integration with customs authorities and examine the impact of the GCC customs union and the impact of the use of one port for the transit of goods, including food, medicines, medical devices and other products. The SFDA executive was accompanied by his deputies and aides

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority is strengthening its oversight laboratories and offices with equipment and qualified personnel to enhance its presence in various exit and entry points to ensure the safety of food and drugs and guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of medical equipment and supplies.