Saudi Arabia: The Biggest Halal Center in the World Establishes in Holy Mecca

Halal Commission at Muslim World League (MWL) has established the biggest Halal Center in the World (with its headquarters in Holy Makkah). The Center will be an international reference to whatever concerns Halal, whether meat, food, medicines or other thing.

Halal Commission at MWL is the only body in Brazil that applies legal and Islamic standards. MWL doesn’t issue export certificate, whether to Saudi Arabia or to any other country only after ensuring totally that all conditions are fully and firmly met.

For its strict procedure for General Halal Supervision, MWL was invited by many Asian and European Governments that MWL be accredited body to export Halal to Governments of these countries. Relevant agreements were signed with some; MWL is about to agree with the remaining ones.

MWL will launch soon an international web site for Halal in more than 20 languages. The site serves as an international reference for whatever concerns all types of Halal in the world.

MWL stresses it is the first organization internationally in applying Halal conditions. This is due to supervising all stages till export to Saudi Arabia and other states so as to secure MWL’s institutionalized work& its firm, minute supervision.

MWL assures it took all precaution to apply Islamic and legal measures for Halal, exported to Saudi Arabia or to countries with whom MWL signed agreement to export Halal. MWL always assures there is a precisely high supervision degree for applying required Halal Standards.

MWL has sent a number of experts &Islamic jurists to many countries such as Brazil, Australia and Canada etc. to carry out their duty represented in sudden tours for direct supervision of Halal actions, register observations& take statutory procedures against violators.

Before some months, Muslim World League (MWL) concluded restructuring Halal Meat Department by attracting a number of experts and Islamic jurists. MWL seeks to be the first mark for Halal in the Muslim World and other regions.