‘Self-Certification Will Allow For Better Market Access’

Bandar Seri Begawan – self-certification is a system that will not
only help facilitate and ease cross border businesses, but also allow
for better market access, increased elements of quality control as well
as lower costs and less complications.

Interim Chairman of Brunei’s BIMP-EAGA Business Council, Hj Ismail
Hj Damit said that self-certification, a form of standardised branding
such as that of Brunei’s Halal brand, will help BIMP-EAGA establish a
signature and allow its companies to further establish themselves in
the market.

“It will help them tap into the BIMP-EAGA niche market, which is
populated by some 60 million people,” he said during yesterdays
launching of the BIMP-EAGA Business Conference and Trade Expo at the
International Convention Centre (ICC).

Deputy Permanent Secretary (Trade) at the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and Trade, Nazmi Mohammad during his presentation explained
that self-certification refers to the system where the producer or
exporter of a product certifies themselves as the originating status of
the goods as opposed to a public or private sector certifying entity,
and said that this system was less complex and more cost effective.

“The elimination of the need to submit a Certificate of Origin and
supporting documents for approval by a central issuing authority will
greatly save time, and therefore costs for the manufacturers and
exporters,” he said, adding that such a system will also promote and
facilitate the usage of a Free Trade Area (FTA) agreement.

“Shipments of consignments will not be held back by the approval of a Certificate of Origin by a central authority.

“Small businesses without the resources required to deal with a
central authority before will now be able to certify themselves,” added

“This is something that is not new to international and regional
exporters,” he said, explaining that such systems have already been
adapted internationally.

Capacity building exercises are, however, required to train those
involved with processes of self-certification and legal basis for the
implementation for self-certification as well as a monitoring body will
also have to be finalised, added the deputy permanent secretary.

The five-day Business Conference and Trade Expo will end on August
9, with the main objective of raising the awareness of potential
investors on the market potential of the region. Themed “Move BIMP-EAGA
Beyond 2010”, the conference has brought in approximately 200
participants made up mostly of stockholders from not only Brunei,
Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, but also delegations from
Japan and other business entities.

Launching the event as guest of honour was Permanent Secretary at
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Dato Paduka Lim Jock Hoi.

Courtesy of Brunei Times