Signing a MOU between Halal world and Ministry Of Health

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 – 09:06 PM


The First MOU between the Ministry of Health Treatment and Medical
Education and ICRIC on Halal World issues was signed between Dr.
Dinarvand, Deputy of Food and Medicine of Ministry of Health and
Dr.Nahavandian, Director of Islamic Chamber of Research and Information
Center in the following topics of cooperation:

1.Expert and scientific cooperation on assessment process of producing
Halal foods, Pharamaceutical,Cosmetic and Hyginic Products.

2.Cooperation on Halal assessment of Imported goods to the country.

3.Cooperation on inserting Halal brand on exported and Imported products
to the


4.Cooperation on holding conferences on Training Scientific Professional
in the

filed of Halal. Experts Also, ICRIC has committed to consider viewpoints
of Deputy of Food and Medicine in Halal certification granting
process, and to use their experts in assessments inside and outside
the Country.

In the forth part of this agreement has written : …

“According to this agreement, Halal certificate, issued by ICRIC
for Domestic Products is known as accredited by Deputy of Food and
Medicine of Ministry of Haelth Teatment and Medical Education and
inserting Particular brand of ICRIC will be necessary on these products.
Also, the Ministry providing assistance to ICRIC, in development and
scientific and laboratorial assessments.