Singapore: CrescentRating to promote Halal Friendly Travel in the Balkans

Singapore based Crescentrating have joined hands with the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Agency for Halal Quality Certification to promote Halal Friendly Travel services and facilities in the region.

The partnership agreement was signed in Sarajevo at the “Halal Friendly Tourism” Forum organised by Crescentrating and the Agency. The travel service providers as well as other related institutions of Bosnia & Herzegovina attended the Forum.

The Agency for Halal Quality Certification is the governing Halal certification agency in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Their core objectives include establishing, monitoring and verifying the requirements of Halal standards while issuing Halal certification to companies and enterprises primarily in Southeast Europe.

Crescentrating facilitates the growth of Halal friendly travel and hospitality beyond the norm of Halal certified foods by providing ratings to hotels, restaurants and various other establishments based on their Halal friendliness. The specific needs of a Halal conscious traveler such as prayer facilities and Halal food availability are taken into consideration along with family friendly activities and facilities available within the premises.

“When Muslims travel they shouldn’t have to worry about their basic needs. They won’t have to concerned about finding Halal food or information on prayers and can instead enjoy the country they’re in; this is what we offer” said Mr. Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of Crescentrating.

Mr. Amir Sakic, Director of the Agency of Halal Quality Certification, Bosnia, had similar thoughts, “We are looking forward to this endeavor”, he said. “Introducing this project will increase the awareness of Halal friendly travel & hospitality and the impact that Muslim tourists have in our country.”

Together, both organizations will combine their strengths to promote Halal Friendly Travel and Hospitality in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia.