Singapore: OneAgrix’s Proof of Concept – A First in the Halal Economy – has gone live

 OneAgrix’s Proof of Concept will secure and authenticate Halal Certificates and track Halal poultry from farm-to-fork.

May 30th, 2019; Singapore – OneAgrix, an online B2B Halal agrifood trading marketplace embedded with blockchain food traceability solutions, has partnered with Perutnina Ptuj Group, a 110-year-old international group of companies from Slovenia, to launch this first Proof of Concept for Halal poultry in the Halal economy.

Apart from being able to ‘track and trace’ Halal poultry, OneAgrix’s B2B platform can verify authenticity of a manufacturer’s Halal certificate before potential buyers make their purchases. Data is vetted and secured via Blockchain technology that assists with combating food fraud and counterfeiting in the Halal sector.

You can view the live Proof of Concept demo with Perutnina Ptuj here:

While food traceability and provenance in the Halal supply chain is the current hot-button topic within the Halal economy, so far there are no blockchain providers implementing live proof of concepts. This live POC with Perutnina Ptuj will, therefore, be the first in the Halal sector.

With more news surfacing of fake products and falsified Halal certifications in the Halal food industry, consumers are demanding more transparency and accountability as Halal stakeholders take note of this growing problem – in part due to the tech-savviness and news-awareness of Muslim millennials and Generation Z.

Unlike other Halal blockchain traceability solutions which are built from scratch, OneAgrix uses the highly reputable, cost-effective and scalable nOS, powered by the OriginTrail protocol developed by Trace Labs. It was the first to be awarded Walmart’s Food Safety Innovation Spark Award in 2017, and  was a top player cited alongside IBM, Microsoft and SAP SE in the ‘Global Blockchain in Agriculture Industry 2018 Market Research Report’. OriginTrail was also mentioned as a trusted solution in the World Economic Forum’s white paper entitled: ‘Inclusive Deployment of Blockchain for Supply Chains’.

Blockchain technology adoption is already on the rise in the mainstream food industry. Hence OneAgrix’s push to make its solutions a collective reality and make all Halal stakeholders compliant. OneAgrix is making a call to arms for all Halal-related certification bodies, laboratories, blockchain food traceability providers, abattoirs, farms, manufacturers and distributors to be involved in the decentralised sharing of data, for the mutual benefit of all.

OneAgrix strongly urges other blockchain traceability platforms, who are not using GS1 standards, to quickly adopt the GS1 standards by integrating with its platform. Beginning with the correct standards is imperative for all stakeholders to solve the end-to-end global supply chain issues.

“Adhering to GS1 standards is crucial,” according to Diana Sabrain, co-founder of OneAgrix. “As they are the ‘language’ used in data standards for the supply chain.”

These standards are used by the GS1 management board that is comprised of global industry leaders such as Néstle, Target, CarreFour, Mondelez, Walmart, Amazon and Alibaba to name but a few.

When explaining their Halal ecosystem, they have likened their “neutrality-interoperability-synergy, with no competitors, only collaborators” principles, with the analogy of OneAgrix as a hotel with rooms for any Halal stakeholder to enter and be a part of.

With a healthier halal ecosystem in mind, their cross-border online B2B trading platform can ensure safe movement of genuine, non-counterfeit food ingredients, raw agricultural products and Halal end products into the global supply chain.

OneAgrix goes on to clarify that it is not a blockchain company, but instead a Halal ecosystem with tech enabling attributes. They reduce friction within supplier and buyer engagements, and also provide a safe milestone-based Escrow payment solution between buyers and sellers. There is also a service where users can book their logistical needs that is complete with ‘live’ shipping quotes.

The OneAgrix B2B Halal Marketplace already has verified products listed from suppliers in countries including Europe, Turkey, Jordan, India, Indonesia, China and are now inviting the public to come onboard.

OneAgrix is currently raising their Seed round of funding. There are currently offers on the table, and OneAgrix is seeking like-minded investors who want to invest in the relatively untapped USD2.5 trillion Halal industry.

About OneAgrix

OneAgrix is a global trading marketplace to source Halal products from the $1trillion ingredients and food sectors by using Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology. This ensures traceability and fraud detection with an emphasis on trade efficiency through one window – Procure-Pay-Ship.

For more information about OneAgrix and to view the live Proof of Concept demo, please visit:

About Trace Labs

Trace Labs is a Hong Kong-based company with a mission to facilitate cross-organizational data exchange in global supply chains and corporate environments. It is a core development company of the OriginTrail protocol. Trace Labs is bringing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to concrete business cases through education, consulting, and implementation of value-driven applications.

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