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Spain: Export Demand Driving Spanish Halal Food Sector

| 23/06/2011 | 1 Reply
SPAIN – Western Europe’s Muslim population has exploded from less than 250,000 to between 15 and 20 million currently, according to Cecilia Ruiz, Manager, Bord Bia Madrid.

Halal food is one of the fastest growing food sectors in the world, already accounting for approximately 17% of the global food market.

According to the Spanish Halal Institute, more than two million practicing Muslims currently reside in Spain (mainly in AndalucĂ­a, Catalonia and Madrid) with the figure growing steadily.

Halal food products are now available in major Spanish supermarkets, especially in areas with densely populated Muslim communities and during Muslim festive seasons.

Therefore, Spanish Halal production is on the rise, with more than one hundred meat businesses currently holding the Halal certification (20% more than in 2008).

Despite the growing domestic demand, Spain exports around 70 per cent of all its halal production with exports covering products such as meats, vegetable oils, cheese and spices.

Currently, there is no internationally recognised halal trademark with most countries developing their own certification standards.

The growth of Spanish exports of halal food highlights potential opportunities for Irish companies to serve this growing part of the European food market.


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  1. sundus says:

    I don’t agree that halal food is yet available in spain in supermarkets. I usually shop from Carrefour, Dia, eroski, alcampo, lidl…but can’tfind any halal food any where…this really is a problem some time…as there are a lot of different meat items which you can’t use if they are not halal. Please if this information is true that and you know some halal brands which are available in supermarkets, please let me know..I will be delighted and thankful really.

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