Spain’s 1st Int’l Halal Expo to kick off on October 21 in Madrid

The Spanish capital of Madrid will host an international Halal exhibition later this month.

Expo HalalSpainThe expo will be launched on Friday, October 21-22, and run for two days, IINA reported.
According to Maria Salvador, the expo’s director, it will be a major event in Europe as it will provide an opportunity for presenting Halal products.

“ExpoHalal Spain 2015 is a pioneer event in Europe, where a leading Halal exhibition is currently lacking. Our objective is to fill this gap and to highlight the potential of the Mediterranean industry in the agro-food, Halal tourism and Islamic finances sectors, among others”, said Maria Salvador, Project Manager of the event.

She added that the expo will also include seminars and forums featuring the Halal industry.

The upcoming exhibition will gather the main actors of the worldwide Halal industry in Madrid.
Currently, more than three hundred Spanish companies are Halal certified. The majority of them belong to the food industry, with products as diverse as soups, frozen potato omelettes, non-alcoholic sparkling juices or candies, being the meat industry the most consolidate actually in the Spanish Halal sector.

There are more than 44 million Muslims consumers in Europe.
Halal Industry has a 16% market share of total global food industry.
Muslims spent about 137 billion dollars in Halal tourism in 2012.