TAIWAN: TIHCA certified 35 Halal Food and Beverages


Taiwan Marine product companies gain HALAL certification for halal market

By Hung Chen-hung and Jake Chung

Five companies have received halal certification from the Kaohsiung Marine Bureau, allowing them to serve the halal market in Taiwan and opening a door to Muslim markets in Southeast Asia.

The companies — Tain Shi Fu Co, Fortune Life Enterprise Co, Chien Jung Frozen Food Co, Anyong Biotechnology and Fish Chairman Co — on Wednesday said that they were confident they could satisfy local needs and break into Southeast Asian markets.

There is great potential in the halal food market, Bureau Director Lin Ying-pin said, adding that there are more than 1.7 billion Muslims in the world.

Lin said the bureau estimated that one-third of the world’s population would be adhering to Islamic practices by 2050, so the halal market has great potential.

The bureau is getting a head start by introducing Kaohsiung’s excellent seafood and aquaculture into the Muslim diet, Lin said.

Of the five companies, Fish Chairman was the first to obtain the certification, company manager Su Te-wei said.

Fish Chairman has begun raising aquaculture products in enclosed spaces, Su said, adding that even then, it was difficult to obtain the certification, he said.

Halal fish products across the five companies include whole fish — giant grouper, hybrid groupers, striped bass and milkfish — slices of fish meat, processed fish meatballs and other snacks, the bureau said.


Taiwan INHART Halal Certification Authority (TIHCA) chairman Ma Hsiao-chi said the companies were granted the certification after they attended a series of courses. They also had to pass three site audits, with auditors from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM, INHART) examining the facilities


Due to the Muslim demographic increase in Taiwan, they are attracting over 30,000 Muslim visitors per year. Taiwan is also one of the countries engaging in ‘Halal Tourism’ destination. Their commitments could be seen by developing halal industry to fulfill the needs of Muslim travelers.

Taiwan INHART Halal Certification Authority (TIHCA) was established to provide important halal services and products, including halal foods and Muslim-friendly hotels. In addition to this, the International Muslim Tourism Industry Development Association (IMTIDA) has collaborated and contributed greatly in various activities concerning Halal and Muslim Friendly service.

According to Ustaz Ishag Ma; the chairman of TIHCA, Halal is for everyone, both for Muslims and the non-Muslims, especially to local Muslims there and the inbound Muslim tourists who are always in need of halal products and services. Thus, TIHCA took the initiative to offer halal services, trainings and consultations.

The interesting part of the halal service is that, they do serve premium and awesome products parallel with Halalan Toyyiban concept. The particular certified halal products have undergone a thorough evaluation procedure and the personnel in charge are equip with relevant skills including training, consulting, auditing and subject to further approval by the Shariah panel and technical expertise.

The Halal Industry in Kaoshiung is supported by few Taiwanese companies, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Kaohsiung and Meishan government agencies. About 35 products have been Halal certified by TIHCA this year. Among them, five companies such as Une Life Enterprise, TianShiFu Fishery, Anyong, Jung Frozen Food and Fish Chairman took greater measures in serving halal aquaculture-based product and two of the companies, Lin Yuan Tea Factor and Shan Farmers Association are involved in production of tea.