Thai Halal Food Producers to Join Paris Expo

Thai halal food producers to join Paris expo

PATTANI, Nov 13 (TNA) – Thailand’s halal food producers plan to participate in the Paris Halal Expo March 26-27, 2008.

Local government officials and halal food producers in
Thailand’s five southernmost border provinces met Tuesday to discuss
the participation of local halal food producers in the Paris Halal
Expo, according to Pranai Suwannarat, director of the Southern Border
Provinces Administrative Centre (SBPAC).
There are more than six million Muslims in France. The country
is interested in importing Thai halal food as it has a number of ports
and established trade relationships to distribute halal food to both
Europe and Africa.
As a result, taking advantage of the opportunity to export
halal food to French markets will help boost the distribution of Thai
halal food exports to other overseas markets.
However, Mr. Pranai said the feasibility study and assessment
of the plan’s worthiness should be conducted to determine if Thai halal
food producers are ready to join the Paris expo.
About 150 producers will display their products at an exhibition area of about 72 square metres at the Paris Halal Expo.

The SBPAC earlier led Thai halal food producers from the
southern border provinces to open halal food booths at Ningxia,
China in August. (TNA)-E004