Thailand: Developing halal cosmetics: now and in the future

in-cosmetics Asia to delve into the growing halal cosmetic products market

The hottest topics in the personal care industry will be discussed at in-cosmetics Asia this year, image007and few are more on trend than halal products. Regional experts at the forefront of this growing market will come together to share their knowledge and predictions for the future at the event in Bangkok from 8-10 November 2016.

As the largest Muslim majority country in the world, Indonesia is the main market for halal beauty. It has a population of 250 million, of which 90% is Muslim and most brands in the country have been certified by MUI (The Indonesian Council of Ulama) – more than 2,000 products in total.

Despite this, according to Euromonitor International, halal products still only account for a small amount of sales in the country. This is mainly due to the region’s emerging status and a lack of awareness that they are available to purchase. However, the increasing Muslim population in Indonesia and other areas of the Asia Pacific represents a huge opportunity for cosmetic manufacturers.

There are many considerations that must be taken into account before launching finished halal products into the market. Most importantly they must only contain pure ingredients and need to be free from any ‘najis/najasah’ materials, such as alcohol.

Spotlight on halal

Halal will be one of key focus areas of in-cosmetics Asia’s new Spotlight On area that will see suppliers showcase their certified ingredients and visitors presented with critical information that is necessary to attain certification.

Halal expert Muti Arintawati of Lppom Mui (The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics, The Indonesian Council of Ulama) will share her knowledge on this exciting and flourishing market, outlining the criteria and procedures for obtaining halal cosmetic certification.

She will provide attendees with a thorough explanation of how LLPOM MUI’s online service system works when registering a product. Visitors attending the session will also gain valuable insights into the 11 criteria necessary when seeking accreditation, ensuring that future products are developed in line with current requirements.

Halal-certified ingredients

As halal starts to play a more integral role in the global cosmetic industry, suppliers and manufacturers are rushing to join the movement. in-cosmetics Asia will provide the platform for R&D professionals to get to grips with this relatively new trend and source the most innovative ingredients.

During the event there will be a number of exhibitors displaying halal-certified products in the Spotlight area including Ashland; Brenntag Ingredients Inc.; Lipotec; Suru Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.; NIKKO CHEMICALS CO. LTD.; Gattefossé Asia Pacific; Mibelle AG Biochemistry; Ogawa & Co.,Ltd.


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