Thailand: DITP to push for a 10 increase in export of Halal food

BANGKOK, 18 June 2012 -The Department of International Trade Promotion Director-General Nantawan Sakuntanak said the Halal food industry in Thailand will be upgraded to be on a par with the international standards to further increase its export volume by more than 10 % per year.

The DITP Director said the export of Halal food during the first quarter of this year was worth 1.5 million US dollars, an increase of 5.3% year-on-year. She said her department has, for this year, formulated a plan to promote the Halal food business both inside and outside of Thailand.

She claimed the Ministry of Commerce has reiterated the importance of raising the standard of qualify for Halal food for the global community. The DITP is also planning to develop a logistic system, as well as to collect information of all Halal food products to facilitate the exporting of the products, according to Mrs. Nantawan.

More market segments will also be sought to increase the export of the food and business opportunity for Thai manufacturers. The DITP aims to increase the export volume by at least 10% per year. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit