Thailand: Halal Int’l Conference and Expo

Asad Sajjad, Secretary General & CEO of Halal Development Council, Pakistan was declared as the best speaker at the Halal International Conference and Expo in Thailand last week.  Asad’s delivered his presentation on the ‘Importance of Halal Certification and Branding’ and was the only person invited from Pakistan in this International Forum that was attended by Halal Certifiers and Agenda Promoters from 14 countries including Thailand, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam and Pakistan.  Organized by Central Islamic Council of Thailand, the conference attracted Muslim scholars, businessmen and members of Muslim community from all corners of the country.  Islam is increasing very rapidly in Thailand’s 66 million population and almost 14% of Thai population is now Muslim (approx 9.29 million Muslims with 3,650 Masajid all over Thailand). The demand for Halal Certified Food and other Halal products is increasing in Thailand among Muslims and non-Muslims consumers and Pakistani manufacturers and exporters producing Halal Food products have a good potential to sell their products in Thailand.