Thailand strengthens standards for its Diamond Halal brand

The Halal Science Centre at Chulalongkorn University recently hosted the “International Halal Science and Technology Conference 2018” (IHSATEC) to present the scientific achievements in the development of halal products while also maintaining the brand identity of Thailand Diamond Halal.

The 11th edition, which featured both product presentation and an exhibition, was held at BITEC, Bang Na

“We are delighted to welcome qualified academics from all around the world and especially Brunei, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, New Zealand, Malaysia, Switzerland, Malaysia, the United States of America, Egypt and Indonesia to this conference,” said Assoc Prof Dr Winai Dahlan, the founder and director of the centre.

“The content this year is extensive thanks to the collaboration with the new generation of scientists. Scientific evidence is the key tool in our aim to achieve precision halalization. It aims to select the right ingredients that are religiously correct while maintaining the very highest standards. Precision halalization is totally different from ISO so we have to be more creative for our ‘Diamond Halal’ brand.”

The conference also focused on halal cosmetics.

Scientist Kasinee Katelakha noted that the Centre was working hard on producing cosmetics that met halal standards. “We have to look at every element and ensure that the cosmetics are safe from the risk of disease and various infections and are produced according to good manufacturing guidelines (GMP).