Thailand:Royal Cliff Hotels Group opening a Halal certified kitchen

The need to cater to the various patrons of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group has prompted the management to come up with a highly welcomed initiative for the benefit of all Muslim travelers.

The development of the ‘Halal Kitchen’ has been in progress since last year in preparation for the thorough steps in becoming a Halal certified kitchen. In accordance with the rules and regulations of housing and operating a Halal Kitchen, all food supplies, utensils and equipment must be certified as “Halal”. All the staff at the Royal Cliff has been given proper training and product knowledge on the halal concept of food handling, food service and halal kitchen maintenance by officials from the Halal Science Centre of Chulalongkorn University. The final step of this process is an audit and inspection to ensure the credibility of the Royal Cliff’s operation.

With the availability of the Halal Kitchen, an additional form of food selection will soon be available at Royal Cliff Hotels Group; which will be pleasingly welcomed by the Muslim community and which the Royal Cliff believes will further support the Muslim business for the hotels group.

Situated on a 64 acre private parkland estate overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group offers the perfect beachfront setting with traditional and modern Thai style furnishings, extraordinary service and the ambience of absolute luxury. The 64 acre property is home to four award winning 5-star hotels offering a sensory experience defined profoundly by its style, culture and elegance – all presented with the distinctive spirit of the State of Exclusivity and Fascination. The convention centre, PEACH coupled with the hotels groups MICE facilities is able to accommodate up to 8,000 people. Whether it is a global business exhibition, a popular concert, or luxurious wedding; a professional team of MICE experts are on hand to assist you with your every need.

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Executives of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group pictured here at the Royal Cliff Halal Kitchen with Mr. Anat Denyingyhot and Ms. Ko