The Strangers Documentary – essential viewing!

StrangersI have just seen the crowd funding campaign for this exceptional film…amazing!

This is an extraordinary work. Using interviews and archive footage that traces the early journeys by a group of hippies, misfits and strangers to Morocco in the 70’s and the legendary first community in the squats of Bristol Gardens in Maida Vale. It follows the migration of this fledgling community to Wood Dalling in deepest Norfolk, and the subsequent founding of the Ihsan Mosque in Norwich. group copy

It further explores how alienation, urban unrest and the civil rights movement opened the doors of Islam for the Afro-Caribbean community in Brixton, and their subsequent migration to Norwich in the 90’s, leading to the expansion and mutual enrichment of both communities.Uthman

What started as a question by a group of teenagers asking “How did we end up living in Norwich?” has ended as a unique and deeply moving record of the flowering of Islam in the hearts and lives of British men and women.

Forget what you read in the papers and see on TV, and get a taste of the real thing. Better still, be part of it and support the completion of this extraordinary piece of film-making by joining in the crowd funding campaign…and get some of the really cool perks too!!

A SamadTariq AminThis is an exceptional film. It is, in the truest and deepest sense, an essential film. It is essential because this story has never been told, and in the midst of the endless barrage of media portrayals of the Muslims – at worst negative and at best superficial – this bit of history shines true and clear.

kneesIt is essential because it captures another essence, so rare and hard to define…the essence of people whose hearts have been turned and opened by love of God and His Messenger.

For anyone who does not really know about Islam, or who thinks that there might be more to it than all the regular media coverage…or if you think it is something foreign and arab or asian…or what you saw on your holiday to Dubai…or for those Muslims who have simply inherited Islam as part of their family package…and, perhaps especially, for those whose hearts are alive and who yearn for a film that will touch their hearts and revive their spirits…you need to see this film.

And the best way to be sure of seeing it is to support it. Watch the crowd funding video and read the page on Indiegogo, and please join in.–2/x/8250835

As is narrated in the Hadith, “Islam began as a strange thing, and it will return again as a strange thing; so give glad tidings to the strangers!”

See for yourself…