UK: The Ummah app has been making waves around the globe

Ummah has introduced an e-commerce feature where users can bid on items

A truly great online marketplace must have several unique ingredients, and without these ingredients, visitors will pass right by looking for another site.

The Ummah app has been making waves around the globe with a community of over 20, 000. The app offers a comprehensive range of content for Muslim orientated consumers. The Ummah app includes prayer times, Islamic quotes, reminders, a halal food finder and is a great place for Muslims to connect with their peers.

With the launch of the new core feature ‘Ummah Online Marketplace’ the app has significantly increased its value proposition to users. Launching after a couple of years transitioning from the development phase the feature now allows users to buy and sell online within a Halal and ethical environment. The platform is free to use and does not contain any advertisements.

– A marketplace must be trustworthy.  You are spending your hard-earned money on a product hoping the sellers actually do what they promise to do, which is send your merchandise and it arrives when it’s supposed to.

– A marketplace must attract a lot of sellers and buyers. After all, buyers hope to find that obscure twenty-year-old item and sellers hope to find the buyer that wants their twenty-year-old item.  Lots of buyers and sellers bring more merchandise and more reasons to visit.

– Buyers want the opportunity to bid on items hoping to get them cheaper, or even trade items that benefits both parties.

These are true examples of an online marketplace that caters to everyone’s needs. Yet, how many sites offer this flexibility and versatility? There is only one, and that site is Ummah, your online marketplace that allows you the ability to get special treasures several different ways.

There is something else the Ummah team wants to share. The Ummah marketplace is a Muslim marketplace app created by Muslims! And we care about the halal ways. That’s why we can make a guarantee to all of our Muslim brothers and sisters that all merchandise will be sold, traded, or bartered the halal way.

It has taken a long time to get to this point with our website. That’s why we want you to log in and feel confident that you are purchasing items from other members of the brotherhood across the world.

And we definitely need to hear from you! We want to know what you think of Ummah. Did you find merchandise you were looking for? Did you connect with other brothers and sisters, and perhaps start meaningful conversations about faith and leading a wonderful life the Muslim way? Let us know your opinions so we can make the best merchandise site with greater opportunities. And please inform others about Ummah. We have faith-based daily passages, a directional finder that will show you the right direction to turn when to turn for faith-based prayer multiple times a day.

Let’s face it, the Ummah app has everything a devoted and dedicated Muslim needs. It goes beyond being a fascinating marketplace. The app has many opportunities to lead a life that embraces Allah. All you have to do is keep visiting.

But first, there’s the marketplace. We wish to surpass eBay and we have faith we can do this.  But we need you to keep coming back. Don’t hesitate to check out our app often.

Ummah- the app created by Muslims for Muslims. We are here for you!

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