Turkey: Certified Halal Food Sector’s 2nd Meeting in Turkey

2nd Halal and Healthy Products Fair, its only example in Turkey, will be held at the CNR Expo ?stanbul on 13-16 October 2011. The organization will be held with the support of Sine International Fairs, an affiliate of the CNR Expo Fair, G?MDES (Association for the inspection and certification of food and supplies ) and WHC (World Halal Council). Many purchasing groups from USA, Europe, Far East and Middle East will draw the attention to the organization and draw the route of the sector from Istanbul.

With its population over 70 million, Turkey offers an attractive industry with its growing market opportunities. Regulations enacted in line with efforts of compliance with EU laws provide advantages for investors in areas such as health, food and textile. Turkey’s geographical proximity to the target markets such as the Middle East, Gulf countries and Turkic republics makes the Halal and Healthy Products Fair, which is unique among its kind in the industry, even more important. The Fair will help foreign investors to directly contact purchasers in Turkey and in target markets.

4th International Halal and Nutricious Food Conference
The 4th International Halal and Nutricious Food Conference will also be held simultaneously by G?MDES with a topic of “Importance of a global single standard for increasing Halal food trade”. Topics such as global halal applications, halal certification programs, an opportunity for islamic certificate institutions to find a common standard, methots of benefiting from these programs in the global and local markets and producer-consumer approaches to the Halal concept will be discussed during the conference. State representatives, consumer organizations, food industry professionals and academicians along with NGO representatves will gather during the conference.

Turkey is the most viable candidate for leading the halal products market
Halal industry is expanding swiftly all around the globe, reaching 2 billion people in a world with 7 billion population and Turkey’s role in the indutry is growing. Turkey’s location which sits at a position where it can manage the intercontinental trade has been acknowledged not only by the Islamic world but also by the USA, Europe, Middle East, Far East and Russia. Bearing that in mind, purchasing groups from more than 30 countries such as; Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Belgium, United Kingdom and France are expected to visit the fair.

Global Market of Halal Certified Products…
Halal food produced permissible according to Islamic conditions should also meet the health conditions. Malaysia and Indonasia are the leaders in certified halal products. Australia, New Zealand and Brazil are major players in halal meat.

Certified halal trade has a 15% share
Certified halal products have a 15% share in global halal food market. The market share is expected to increase annually by 5-10% in next 5 years.