Turkey: First International Halal Accreditation Forum held in Istanbul

By Muhammad Zubair Mughal

Turkey flagIstanbul: The importance of Halal Certification is being well-known because of rising awareness with Halal in Muslim societies which is increasing the Halal Certified products and services rapidly and finally international trade can be enhanced in the Halal marker having a size of $ 3.2 trillion of 1.8 billion Muslim population, these views were expressed by Muhammad Zubair Mughal CEO – Halal Research Council (HRC) during the speech at International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF) jointly organized by Turk AK, Ministry of European Union Affairs and SMIIC under the supervision of Turkish government on 25th and 26th October, 2013 at Istanbul in which delegates from more than 60 countries participated.

He also said that there are more than 300 Halal Certification bodies working in more than 125 countries. While Halal certification is not only the name of a business rather a big religious responsibility and on its basis, millions of people use these products discriminating the Halal and haram, but a minor ignorance can cause a damage to the Shariah.

In Islam Halal and haram is not only confined to the Food industry rather its scope covers the Services (Islamic Banking, Halal Tourism and Halal Business etc), Cosmetics and Physical (Touchable) items. He also pointed out that non-Muslims have 82% control over Halal industry which is the unsafe phenomenon for the Muslims having only 18% share in the Halal industry.

When presenting Pakistan as a Case Study, he said that there is viable environment in Pakistan for the Halal Industry in which Halal Laboratories, Halal Meat Complex, Halal Accreditation Scheme, Government facilitations and well known Educational Institutes and schools for Food Industry are included that is why the majority people, having more than 50% control on Halal Certification belong to Pakistan and also facilitating in Halal Certification in America, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain which is an authentic source of availability of Halal Products for Muslims.

Tayyip Erdo?an – Prime Minister of Turkey, addressing to inaugural ceremony of International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF), welcomed all the international experts of Halal Industry came from different parts of the world and expressed his well wishes for the success of Forum. Remember, IHAF itself was the first initiative on Halal Accreditation of Halal Certification Industry.