Turkey: Istanbul to host largest int’l halal expo in Nov 22

Istanbul to host largest int'l halal expo in Nov 22

By Ugur Duyan

Turkiye’s Istanbul will host the world’s largest halal expos – the 9th Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Halal Expo and the 8th World Halal Summit on 24-27 November, Yeni Shafak daily reports.

The World Halal Summit is organized by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation in collaboration with the Institute of Standards and Metrology of Islamic Countries, as well as with the Center for the Promotion of Islamic Trade.

The exhibition, which is the most significant commercial cooperation platform in the halal industry, aspires to make Turkiye the central nation in the halal market with its $4 trillion volume.

The 9th OIC Halal Fair and the 8th World Halal Summit, aimed at attracting the sector’s two billion customers to Turkiye, especially to the food, medicine, cosmetics, tourism, and finance sectors.

The event will be hosted at the Istanbul Expo Center under the main topic, entitled “For Sustainable Trade: Discover All Aspects of the Global Halal Industry’s Development”.

The fair, which is billed as the largest halal event in the world, seeks to attract over 500 purchasing experts across the world.

The event, which is expecting over 40,000 guests, including 10,000 international ones, will pave the road for companies to gain a bigger portion of the halal industry through B2B deals.

The expo, which is projected to attract national and individual participation from over 25 nations, will bring together various sector leaders from industries such as food, cosmetics, textiles, finance, and tourism. Furthermore, businesses from other industries such as logistics, publishing, packaging, and education are anticipated to attend the event.

Halal Expo is an annual event organized in cooperation with the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT), the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC), with the support of the Turkish Trade Ministry and other related ministries and public institutions of Turkiye.

The previous edition of the OIC Halal Expo, held on November 25-28, 2021, covered 13,137 square meters of exhibition space, hosted 354 exhibitors from 32 countries, 31,067 trade visitors from 96 countries, and 352 hosted buyers, who attended 5,280 B2B meetings. The Hosted Buyer Program is backed by the Turkish Trade Ministry.

The OIC Halal Expo, which will be held concurrently with the World Halal Summit, will provide an outstanding exhibition area as well as a distinct platform for a diverse range of workshops, meetings, and side events, as well as a B2B Meetings Program with the participation of professional hosted buyers and delegates, among other activities related to the definition of halal.