Turkey: Istanbul to host World Halal Council

The World Halal Council (WHC) is getting ready to move its headquarters to Istanbul on the heels of a meeting organized in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, in April.

The details will be confirmed at the congress in Istanbul in October. “All the Muslims in the world will be informed about halal certifications from here, and the fact that the accreditation will be made from here will really help boost Turkey’s export products,” said Huseyin Kami Buyukozer, who became the president of the WHC executive board last October.

Buyukozer added that moving the WHC headquarters to Turkey would also increase cooperation between Turkey and the Islamic world. There will also be a vocational school built in Turkey to train experts and auditors regarding halal products.

Meanwhile, there are currently three “Halal World Markets” in Istanbul, three in Kahramanmaras in southern Anatolia, one in Kirsehir in Central Anatolia, one in Konya in Central Anatolia and one in Manisa in the Aegean region, totaling seven markets in total.

Four additional markets are currently in the pipeline and waiting for approval.