TUTTOFOOD Milano World Food Exhibition: Halal Section

This year TUTTOFOOD, the largest  ITALIAN B2B international exhibition dedicated to food will hold the Milano Fair, May 8th to 11th in Milan Italy. It is being held in cooperation with WHAD World Halal Development (Italian halal certification center) offering a series of initiatives dedicated to companies that are HALAL Certified.

For companies that have never visited TUTTOFOOD it is still possible to reserve a space (the minimum space in this area is 3×3 plus stock; even multiples are possible) in a dedicated area for Halal exhibitors.


THE MANDATORY CONDITION FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE HALAL COLLECTIVE IS TO SHOWCASE ONLY HALAL PRODUCTS, BEARING A REAL, NON-EXPIRED HALAL CERTIFICATION, from WHATEVER recognized CERTIFICATION BODY. Also services are allowed to exhibit as long as they are dedicated to the sector. Given the  limited places available, the selection criterion (after the ‘certification requirement) will be’ first come, first serve.

WHAD World Halal Development (Italy) will also organize a seminar dedicated to European HYPERMARKETS on the 10th May from 9am to 1:30pm on how to position halal certified products in the European GDO. The seminar will be restricted to hypermarkets and companies involved in the project, plus consumer associations.

This year’s edition of TUTTOFOOD will be an important  one, being the first edition after EXPO MILANO.

Former president Barak Obama will also be visiting the exhibition.

During the days of the exhibition, the city of Milan will be holding hundreds of food related initiatives.

TUTTOFOOD is the largest and  fastest growing B2B international  food exhibition in ITALY