Two new herbal products from Negri

Seremban: The Negeri Sembilan Forest Department has come out with two new herbal products under the brand name of Forest 9.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan officiated the launching of the
two products, namely Rimba Cafe, a health based beverage for men, and
Zara Cafe a tonic for women, at Wisma Negeri here Monday.

Rimba Cafe is a coffee mix drink fortified with Tongkat Ali, and
several other herbs such as smilax and myosotiflora, while Zara Cafe
has, among others, Kacip Fatimah – all of which are traditionally used
for health benefits.

Speaking to reporters, Mohamad said that while in the past these herbs
were used as traditional medicines, they were now being commercialised
as food supplements and energy boosters free from chemical additives.

“I believe there are many more herbs from the forest which are yet to
be fully commercialised. Therefore, the initiative to produce the
Forest 9 products is a smart move in diversifying products from our

The Menteri Besar also commended State Forest Director Roslan Ariffin
for the idea and initiative taken to produce the products and the move
to bring the products to the international market.

Roslan said both the products would be available in the market
beginning next month with the first production expected to reach 40,000

Research for the product, being manufactured in Raub, Pahang, was carried out by Technology Park Malaysia (TPM).

Roslan said TPM carried out research for five months on the products
which have been approved by the Ministry of Health and Jakim for Halal

“We have received the support of the state government to jointly
develop the herbal product. With this, we are also encouraging the
planting of herbal plants in the state and we are particularly
encouraging the people, especially those participating in the state’s
poverty eradication programme, to undertake the planting of such herbal
plants that will bring them returns,” Roslan said.

He said the state will also look at the rehabilitation of a
2.025-hectare herbal park in Ulu Bendol, Kuala Pilah for the planting
of herbal plants in a more systematic way to cater to the demand for
such herbal produce. – Bernama