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UAE: Chile offers Halal meat at Gulfood for first time in region

| 18/02/2013 | 3 Replies

Halal lamb meat from Chile will be presented for the first time at Gulfood and in the region this year.

Gulfood 2013 will take place between 25-28 February 2013.

Gulfood 2013 will take place between 25-28 February 2013.

It has been two years since Chile received certification to export halal meat to the UAE but Chilean company Agromarin supported by ProChile was keen to wait until Gulfood 2013 to launch its product.

The product will be launched at the Halal Corner at Gulfood and will be used in the closing dinner at Radisson Blu Deira Creek for chefs and culinary judges, on February 28 2013.

“The fair and the closing dinner will be an excellent showcase for Chile to enter to the UAE with Halal lamb meat. The kilos we brought for this occasion are part of the first shipment sent to this country and the producers, Agromarín, are certificated by the Halal Certification Department of the Islamic Center of Chile. This is a great opportunity for Chile to reach this market and offer their meat products”, said Carlos Salas, ProChile United Arab Emirates director.

Besides Halal lamb meat, Chile will also showcase other products from seven certified halal food producer companies, including apple juice, dried berries and olive oil.

Gulfood 2013 will take place between 25-28 February 2013.

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  1. This is very good news for our country and the Muslim community of Chile to introduce halal products in the UAE. We encourage this wonderful initiative. We are confident that Chile may have its place as a future exporter of various Halal products. Director Chilehalal. Halal Certification Center of Chile.

  2. Dear Partner, Halal Focus, we are pleased that you publish an article on the activities in our country, we appreciate the support you bring to the Mosque of Santiago, for his excellent work in the field of halal, we hope you are a partner for the second edition of the HalalExpoChile 2013.

  3. HIDALGO says:

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