UAE: Dubai Municipality seeks US support to develop food import

Gulf Today

DUBAI: Khalid Sharif Al Awadhi, Assistant Director-General for Environment, Health and Safety Sector in Dubai Municipality on Tuesday received a US delegation headed by Ted McKinney, Under-Secretary of External Trade and Agriculture Affairs, US Ministry of Agriculture and Kurt Seifarth, Regional Agricultural Adviser, Office of Agricultural Affairs and other Embassy officials in the field of Agriculture.

The meeting comes within the framework of the visits conducted by the Diplomatic and Consular missions to the Municipality to discuss matters related to mutual cooperation and strengthening ties in food trade and familiarisation with the procedures for food import.

During the meeting, Al Awadhi expressed the Municipality’s readiness to build fruitful cooperation with the US. The meeting discussed food related issues between the US and the UAE and sought to find innovative and unique ways to remove obstacles in the field of food imports as well as benefiting from American technology and expertise in food testing.

It also discussed increased participation of US delegations in food conferences in the UAE.

The meeting also deliberated on the possibility of testing food in the accredited laboratories in the US and recognised by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre.

The delegation also expressed its appreciation for the excellent international relations of the UAE and the efforts of Dubai Municipality and its clear reputation in all fields and in the field of food in particular and its constant response and awareness of the importance of expanding the field of food imports and ensuring diversity as the Dubai Expo 2020 is fast approaching.