UAE: GCC Halal stamp likely on imported meat

DOHA: An authorised “Halal” stamp is likely to be made mandatory for all meat imported to Qatar and other GCC countries.

Dr Mohammed bin Saif Al Kuwari, assistant undersecretary at the Department of Laboratories and Standardisation Affairs at the Ministry said that all countries that are members of the GCC Standards Organisation would soon impose additional requirements to ensure the quality of meat imported to the region and they are slaughtered according to Shariah.

Forcing the importers to put a Halal stamp on the meat is one of the proposals that are being seriously considered by the member countries.

The meat like other food products should also have to comply with the GCC quality standards and requirements.

Exporters would be asked to produce a certificate to prove that the meat was slaughtered according to Shariah. This certificate will have to be approved by the embassies of the GCC countries in the exporting countries.

Talking to the media on the sidelines of a workshop on food safety here on Monday, Al Kuwari said that all canned food imported to the GCC countries should carry details about the ingredients and if any chemicals were added to the food. The Peninsula