UAE: Halal certified nail polish in the UAE

No more limitations about wearing nail polish with the the first nail polish to receive halal certification in the Middle East
nail polish
The nail polish provides water permeability so that water can contact the skin during wudu.

Ladies can now rejoice and enjoy wearing nail color without hesitation as we have discovered a halal certified nail polish brand called ‘H’ from BCI Group.

Indeed, this nail polish provides a higher water permeability that is enough so that water can pass through the nails and can contact skin during the ablution process called ‘Wudu’.

Applying this color means that is there is no need for ladies to take off their nail polish as this innovative beauty product meets the needs of Islamic prayer.

This beauty product has been developed in different shades such as black, blue, gold, nude, red and white.

As this certification has been adopted at the beginning of June 2014, this new beauty product will spread in many spa salons in the coming days. So, if you are interested in finding it, just check directly with your salon and do message us also to let us know.

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‘H’ by BCI group of Companies
Price: around 60 AED