UAE: Halal food exports on the menu for Latvian farmers

Latvia has signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that could in future allow the export of halal-certified food and with it, access to the Arabic and Islamic food markets.

Amina Ahmed Mohammed, Executive Director of the Emirates International Accreditation Centre

According to a release from the Agriculture Ministry, on May 18, Minister of Agriculture J?nis D?klavs signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) International Accreditation Center Manager Amina Ahmed Mohammed on cooperation in agriculture and food certification bodies and conformity assessments.

The move will “promote the two countries cooperation between competent authorities for halal product certification and accreditation of institutions in order to create favorable conditions for the promotion of trade between the agricultural and food (halal) products between Latvia, the UAE and other countries,” the ministry said.

“This will undoubtedly increase exports for Latvian food producers to the United Arab Emirates… I assure you that Latvian manufacturers produce high quality, safe and diverse products. The Asian market is huge, so I very much hope that Latvian producers will use all opportunities to sell their products,” said Minister of Agriculture J?nis D?klavs.

In 2016 Latvia exported food and fishery products to the UAE worth nearly 11 million euros.

‘Halal’ products are those deemed permissible by Islamic law and include various different rules on how foods can be grown, prepared and how animals and fish can be slaughtered. The glabal halal food market is worth more than 1 trillion dollars per year.

The Dubai center is aiming to become the global authority of halal certification. You can read an interview with its director HERE.