UAE hypermart chain Lulu to open 10 halal outlets in Malaysia

By Melissa Chi, Malay Mail

najib-razak3-080813_840_578_100KUALA LUMPUR, March 6 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced today that United Arab Emirate-based hypermarket Lulu will open up 10 outlets here selling only halal products.

The prime minister said Felda Holdings will sign an agreement with Lulu in Abu Dhabi this month for the 10 outlets, which will be built by former company and rented to the retailer.

“They have agreed to market any of Felda’s high-demand products in the Middle East and globally, and the first consignment will be sent soon…” Najib said at the “Semai Bakti Felda” programme at Menara Felda today.

Lulu will also undertake to employ 2,000 Malaysians at its outlets here and abroad, Najib added.

“This is in line with my goal to propel Felda into (a) global entity that we can be proud of,” he said.

Last month, state-owned news agency Bernama reported that Felda launched seven frozen food products under the “Felda Best” brand to be marketed at the Lulu Hypermarket, which has 100 branches in the UAE.

Felda chairman Tan Sri Mod Isa Abdul Samad had said Felda will send a container load of products valued at RM150,000 this monh, for a start.

If the response is encouraging, it will send 15 containers monthly.

He said the entry will hopefully be a gateway for other Felda products to penetrate the Gulf market and surrounding areas.