UAE: IFDC Launchs New Fashion Category

A landmark initiative has been launched by the world’s leading authority on Islamic and modest fashion – the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) – which this week signed a 16-store deal with global retailers to introduce their newest category for modest wear targeted at all stores worldwide. An exciting component to this revolutionary initiative is IFDC’s partnership with Beximco, one of the largest and most innovative textile and manufacturing companies with clients including Zara, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Top Shop, Calvin Klein, Mango, C&A, Macys and many more leading brands.

Announcing the new modest wear category called Pret-A-Cover™. This latest department or store section, soon to be found in retail stores worldwide, is a new and universal fashion category being introduced to retailers by IFDC and Beximco. All Pret-A-Cover™ categories in the various stores will offer works of designers that best fit the merchandising needs of the retailers. Like Pret a porter, Couture, Active Wear, Intimate Apparel, and other categories that define what consumers can expect when shopping in these areas in a store, Pret-A-Cover™ departments will assure customers they will find the parameters of modesty they are looking for while being presented the best fashions and style.


“Beximco’s partnership with IFDC will prove to change things significantly for modest wear consumers globally. We are working jointly with several global retailers who understand the importance of servicing this valuable consumer that’s heading toward a $500 billion spending power. With IFDC’s sharp focus on the modest wear industry, there is no doubt their expertise is the best we can count on to ensure the retailer will be well positioned to attract this consumer. That, along with Beximco’s unmatched ability to deliver the finest quality fabrics and garments under any designer label and in the quickest time, makes this partnership a winning combination”, said Syed Naved Husain, CEO of Beximco.


Whether it’s street wear, sportswear, couture, or more, the Pret-A-Cover™ program will ensure modest wear customers the best in design, style, and comfort offered by their favorite designers – Modest and Mainstream. Many mainstream brands including DKNY, Prada, and Mango have been eager to open up new revenue streams by targeting the lucrative modest wear consumer. There have been hits and misses because many do not understand how to win the loyalty of this specialized consumer – now the Pret-A-Cover™ program guarantees success and ease in this area to every retailer.

“We will be filling the Pret-A-Cover™ departments, soon to be found in stores globally, with top modest wear designer names from around the world. We have an effective method in selecting the best designers/looks to suit the different customer profiles. Since Beximco has a proven track record of making the best quality garments and fabrics, they are a key component to the Pret-A-Cover™program should stores want a licensing arrangement with the designers. Now all brands can easily meet production demands whilst guaranteeing quick delivery. Beximco’s long standing relationship with some of the biggest names in the industry proves that they are the only choice to rely on. Pret-A-Cover™ is the most exciting thing that has happened to the fashion industry in a long time”, says Alia Khan, Founder and Chairwoman of Islamic Fashion and Design Council.

“Only the customer knows how frustrating it is to find that perfect dress but then not have the sleeves long enough, or items that are too tight, etc. Having to layer ones outfit is time consuming and not ideal. The Pret-A-Cover™ department liberates the consumer from all of this. Now, all they have to do is walk into the Pret-A-Cover™ departments of participating stores and never feel frustrated again – they will find stylish clothes that meet their criteria by their favorite designers. Good bye pain staking shopping experiences, hello finding something perfect every time”, said Lucas Raven, the leading fashion and retail consultant who is a part of the team that is designing the global Pret-A-Cover™ programs at IFDC.

The list of participating retailers is increasing daily. Each retailer will release joint announcements with the Pret-A-Cover™ program as their Pret-A-Cover™ departments near the ready stage. The first chain store announcement is scheduled for December 1, 2015. The benefit to the retailers is that the Pret-A-Cover™ program will team up with them to generate a following and increase traffic to their stores with their comprehensive marketing programs, events, fashion weeks, and other initiatives. IFDC’s increasing partnerships with global Fashion Weeks is expected to support the Retailer and their Pret-A-Cover™ departments in powerful ways.

“Retailers are significantly incentivized with our comprehensive plan. Many in the past have tried to lure this exciting market in with their initiatives that were met with mixed reviews, IFDC specializes only in this market and we know how to captivate them. IFDC and Beximco plan to be an indispensable partner to the Retailers as we introduce this exciting new revenue stream to them”, said Khan.