UAE: Pakistan pursuing ‘economic diplomacy’ to boost economy and trade with UAE

ABU DHABI — Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UAE Jamil Ahmed Khan has emphasised the need for pursuing economic diplomacy to benefit from the international opportunities available to Pakistan in the field of economy and trade.

“We have to tell the countries around the world about the immense potential and the valuable resources of Pakistan to meet their requirements. We also have to propagate the positive aspects of our country,” Jamil said during a meeting with the members of the Pakistan Journalists Forum in the UAE.

The meeting was attended by Zahida Parveen, Press Counsellor at the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai, as well as several senior diplomats from the Embassy.

“I have taken this up as a top priority. To begin with, I have launched concerted efforts to this end. I am meeting different communities and their major companies to discuss how Pakistan can support them with its expertise,” he said.

One form of support would be for the Pakistani companies to share the projects acquired by these companies in foreign countries, including the UAE, he said. Pakistan can enter into joint ventures with these companies, act as a subcontractor, or a manpower provider for their projects, Jamil said.

Similarly in the field of trade, he said that Pakistan can supply fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products and Halal meat to the Gulf region and beyond.

Jamil said that he is working on a long-term manpower supply agreement with the GCC countries, which will help check unemployment in Pakistan. “Pakistan has no shortage of scientists and technical experts. Being a nuclear power, it enjoys a distinct position in the world,” Jamil said.

He said that efforts are being made in Pakistan to properly train people taking up foreign employment so that they are well-acquainted with the requirements of their host countries.

Jamil said that he has sent his proposals to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to improve the standard of Pakistani schools operating in the UAE.

He said that to provide better consular services to the community a new hall has been constructed at the Pakistan Embassy in Abu Dhabi and a similar hall would be built at the Consulate in Dubai soon.