UAE-UK technical cooperation in accreditation for laboratories and conformity assessment

UAE-UK technical cooperation in accreditation for laboratories and conformity assessment

Abu Dhabi, UAE – The United Arab Emirates, last week, represented by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) and the National Accreditation System (ENAS), signed two memorandum of understanding with the UK accreditations services (UKAS).

The MOU’s will provide accreditation to Halal certification partners for products in the United Kingdom and Europe, according to the UAE requirements for Halal. The 1st MOU requires exchange of information on the UAE system for control of products and their applications, as per HE Abdullah Al Maeeni, Director General, “ESMA”.

Al Maeeni said that ESMA is constantly seeking to be in line with the leadership’s directives to develop the Islamic economy. The UAE has already taken many steps towards establishing an integrated global system for the Halal sector.The UAE has been able to launch a number of vital international initiatives and conclude memorandums of understanding that deal with the development of the Halal sector, including the current memorandum.

He also praised the UAE’s efforts to provide a variety of mechanisms to strengthen the sector and control systems for halal products, as well as the supervision of Halal certification agencies around the world to ensure the accuracy of the tests carried out, the quality of the products, While the memorandum of understanding entered into force, and is expected to benefit also the certification bodies in other countries in the European Union.The memorandum of cooperation concluded by ESMA with the British side aims to make a quantum leap in granting accreditation and Halal certificates to the food industry and halal cosmetics industry in the United Kingdom and its neighboring countries in line with the requirements of the UAE Halal Control System.

On the other hand, Dr.Rehab Al Ameri, Director of the National Accreditation Department, signed another memorandum of understanding with the (UKAS) to enhance cooperation in the field of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies.

She said that it will includes the exchange of specialized expertise with the British side Which contributes to the transfer of knowledge and benefit from technical expertise and the provision of accreditation services that contribute to the quality and efficiency of services provided by the conformity assessment bodies.

Dr.Rehab, confirmed that the memorandum of understanding has entered into force and the mechanisms of joint work between the national accreditation system and UKAS have been activated for accreditation in specialized and critical technical sectors.

From one of the oldest accreditation bodies in the world and will add that partnership interest to open new areas of accreditation that support the UAE national economy. She added.