UK: All Things Halal (ATH) joins HMC

All Things Halal (ATH) joins HMC to bring unity to Halal certification in the UK

ATH announced today, its plans to move away from Halal certification and join HMC to bring more unity to Halal certification in the UK

All Things HalalEstablished in 2005, ATH has focused its efforts on the certification of Halal Products (non-meats) such as cosmetics, ice creams, hand sanitisers, laundry products, and other non-meat products to help Muslim consumers make an informed Halal choice.

All Things HalalATH has agreed to join HMC and transfer all its certified products under the HMC brand. Jointly HMC intends to grow its non-meat products certification for the benefits of the Muslim consumer in what has become a complex food area.

Ikram Patel, founder and former Director of ATH said, “this is great news for Muslims in the UK who can continue to find genuine Halal products under a well established brand of HMC. It is also a refreshing change for organisations to come together for the benefit of all”.

Yunus Dudhwala Chairman of HMC welcomed the joining of organisations, “HMC has focused mainly on the meat and poultry sector to date, however this unification will add to our growing non-meat sector with strong technical standards, access to laboratory testing and scientific discipline to HMC. We welcome Ikram in to the organisation and believe he brings a wealth of experience as well as a genuine concern to work together to benefit the Muslim community”.

As part of the agreement ATH brings its Halal standard over to HMC that is recognised internationally by the International Halal Integrity Alliance (IHIA) and Ikram Patel will join the HMC staff in a senior management role.

For further information please call:

HMC phone 0844 846 0340 or email

All Things HalalATH on 0870 803 1424 or email