UK: ANSA release ‘New’ Abattoir Standard for 100% dedicated Non-Stun Halal Meat Plants

ANSA are excited to announce the launch of the ‘New’ ANSA Abattoir Standards for its members.  The ANSA standard will enable the consumer to have total confidence of the Halal integrity of meat products for the first time with full confidence in the Halal Food Chain from Farm to Fork.

Not only do ANSA members have to be fully committed to supplying 100% Non- Stun Halal meat, 100% of the time, they will also have to meet the High standards outlined in the ‘New’ Abattoir and Cutting Standard. Its members will be audited independently, to ensure that its members meet the highest standards for Animal Welfare, HACCP, Food Safety and product traceability.

ANSA will be offering training to its members by launching a number of Workshops & Courses for ANSA Members. ANSA will be able to offer the assurance that ANSA approved slaughter men, are fully qualified in Animal Welfare & Food Hygiene in line with Sharia compliance.

Mohammed Saleem, spokesperson for ANSA, states that Muslims Consumers that have always had concerns about the provenance of the food products that they have previously purchased can now have full confidence in the products they are buying when they see the ANSA Logo displayed on the product.

The assurance provided by these schemes must be verifiable, reliable and accurate if the confidence of the consumer is to be earned. ANSA believes that assurance needs to embrace the full length of the food supply chain if it is to be meaningful.

The ANSA Halal Supply Chain will enable the consumer full confidence, that what they are consuming is 100% Non-Stun Halal Meat.

Roger Carr of Simply Halal, stresses the importance of ANSA keeping the tradition of only accepting 100% Full Production Non-Stun Halal Plants as members, this  removing any doubt that the product supplied is truly Halal.

Mr Ali of AS Audhali, states that ANSA is the first organisation, which I have been prepared to be a member of.  I have never been prepared to be a member of any of the other organisations or Certification bodies, when they are happy to label & accept everything as Halal. How can a Muslim certify and label their products Halal when they use Electrical Stunning and produce from, part Halal production plants? What guarantee can that give the Muslim consumer?

The Association of Non Stun Abattoirs (ANSA) was launched in May 2011, in response to a need that had been felt for a long time, for an industry body to represent the non-stun Halal meat and poultry suppliers.

ANSA is a non-profit non-political organisation intended:

  • To act as the voice for the non-stun industry
  • To create awareness and better understanding of the true and correct concept of Halal.
  • To safeguard the choice of the community in being able to access a guaranteed safe and pure non-stun Halal meat supply
  • ANSA members are all 100% non-stun producers.
  • Animals are slaughtered by practicing Muslim slaughtermen, who are trained and certified to high standards in both Shari’ah compliance requirements as well as animal welfare and hygiene regulations.