UK: Blakemore Wholesale Launch New Halal Range with bruneihalal


Blakemore Wholesale have ventured into what will hopefully be a long-term partnership with Ghanim International UK Ltd to offer their clients a new, unique and dynamic brand of Halal products at extremely competitive prices.

The partnership established by Ghanim International UK Ltd enables Blakemore Wholesale to offer an extensive range of top quality Halal meat and poultry products for the retail and catering sector customers.

Dr Mohammed Nazir, CEO, Ghanim International UK Ltd
Dr Mohammed Nazir, CEO, Ghanim International UK Ltd

Dr Mohammad Nazir, CEO of Ghanim International UK Ltd says, “Through this partnership we will be delivering quality fresh Halal meat and convenience to local retailers from their preferred local wholesaler. We plan to support our partners with every aspect of this venture, from production right through to the way in which the marketing is conducted. This is the start of our expansion into supplying wholesalers who are the lifeline for the local retail trade and as such support their local communities”

Blakemore Wholesale’s Steve Simpson commented that “We are delighted to be first to bring this new range to the market. Until now it had not been possible to guarantee the halal integrity of products through systems of storage preparation and display. However by working in partnership with Ghanim International UK Ltd, a dedicated halal end to end process, and the use of barrier packaging Blakemore Wholesale can now enter this market allowing our Halal customers to buy with absolute confidence.”

With over 50 years of experience within the wholesale sector it made perfect sense for Blakemore Wholesale to seek a partnership with Ghanim International UK Ltd to make available a strong Halal brand which has been so widely sought.

bruneihalal as a brand is owned by the Government of Brunei Darussalam which officially authorisesbrunei-halal Ghanim International Ltd to deliver the brand to the UK and Europe. They are a forward thinking nation that adheres to strict Islamic principles. With the introduction of a meat cutting and a new processing plant opening earlier this year in Birmingham, the UK headquarters which services the UK and European markets, bruneihalal are excited to now be in a position to venture into and supply the wholesale sector with their innovative British Meat and Poultry products.

Secondary market research points to the fact that consumers are proactively seeking a Halal brand that provides them with the confidence that the produce supplied is 100% non-stunned Halal, that they are able to identify where the product originates from. Consumers need reassurance that the process is free from the risk of contamination by non-halal produce and ensures 100% traceability from field to family. bruneihalal entire process is supervised through Islamic governance from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

These new lines of meat and poultry will be firstly made available at Blakemore Wholesale Saltley before the range is extended to other Blakemore Wholesale depots. Both parties, Ghanim International UK Ltd and Blakemore Wholesale, are hoping this will lead to a long standing partnership that will grow from strength to strength by delivering the best British quality meat and poultry to the customer through quality, integrity and innovation.