UK: Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training offering CPD-One Day Course

Globally, the Halal industry is valued at more than $4.5 trillion and continues to grow, driven by contemporary conscientious consumers.

Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training ( CEHCT) offers accredited courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops to help to prepare management and operational staff to fulfil requirements for a Halal certification audit with an accreditation standard based on HACCP and includes a quality management system’s approach to fulfil the objective of Halal and Tayyab (pure, clean, lawful), according to the holy book “Quran”.

The Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training (CEHCT) has responsibility for achieving Halal Standards through certification bodies, as well as providing the certifiers with accredited learning programmes and appraising them regularly.

The CPD – One Day Training Course: Islam, Animal Welfare and Updated Legislation is being held on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Markfield LE67 9SY. This particular course is Free for Attendees.

CEHCT has been working as a Halal compliance training school since 2016, catering to a wide range of sectors. They provide Halal compliance courses run by highly experienced and qualified professionals in their respective fields from various industries.

CEHCT’s main office is based at the MIHE campus in Markfield, Leicestershire. Training is imparted on the campus and they have welcomed clients from all over the world.

Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) provides the input for the Islamic theology and Islamic research element of Halal standards and training. Animal welfare standards are assessed by Veterinarians working with CEHCT. This partnership helps us to provide the quality assurance of the training; and is independent of any certification body so as to avoid any conflict of interest and to protect the integrity of all parties. The University of Bristol also has important collaboration in delivering the various training programs.

CEHCT has been established as a national representative voice for the Halal conscious consumer and hopes to seize the challenges of the future by advocating the establishment of a sound halal corporate sector so as to cater to the worlds increasing demand for quality British produce and products. With the looming challenges of an International Britain we aim to provide advice to government when it allows imports of products catering to the Halal consumers to protect the Halal conscious consumer.

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