UK: Eblex to woo UAE trade reps

– Published:  25 March, 2011

Eblex’s Halal Steering Group will meet trade representatives of the United Arab Emirates in a bid to open up halal meat export markets to the Middle East.

Eblex has arranged for UAE delegates to meet with the UK’s three main halal accreditation agencies to discuss the certification of UK halal meat.

Without the certification, UK halal meat cannot be exported to the Middle East.

The Halal Food Authority (HFA), The European Halal Development Agency (EHDA) and the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) will demonstrate that UK halal meat conforms to consistent and high standards.

The UAE representatives, which include two members of the ruling family, will meet with Defra and visit the accreditation agencies, as well as slaughterhouses they have accredited.

Naved Syed of Janan Meat and a member of the Halal Steering Group, said: “This could open up a £1bn export business. It’s a brave meeting by Eblex, who are taking up this challenge.”

The Halal Steering Group was established by Eblex to guide work in the halal sector and act as a forum for issues related to halal meat. It includes key industry figures and recently published a detailed study on the changes in the consumption of halal meat and consumer trends.