UK: Halal Food Authority to certify non-stun slaughter

The Halal Food Authority (HFA) is to launch a certification scheme for non-stun slaughter in the meat HFAand poultry processing sector. 

According to Tanveer Parkar, an auditor and inspector with the HFA, this decision was made “purely due to customer requests” and that it would be focused on abattoirs and processors.

Speaking at the certification board’s Halal Industry Conference in London, he said it was a part of the sector that needed to be addressed. “We need to enter this environment proactively to ensure it is done properly.

“A lot of people are failing the duty of care when it comes to non-stun slaughter so we need to get involved and ensure there are rules and regulations in place. There is malpractice taking place and it is affecting the halal industry as a whole. We are trying to address this malpractice.”

He said that it would involve 100% presence of trained supervisors. The scheme is expected to roll out in the next 8 – 12 weeks. The HFA will continue to certify stunned animals and is expected to offer different labels to help with consumer transparency.

Parkar added: “Non-stun or stun is a matter of choice and I hope the industry can move forward together. If non-stun is the option, let’s do it the right way.”