UK: Halal Food Authority visits GIMDES in Turkey

mHu0677FDfDCmDVQ3T6T2OgHalal Food Authority is one of the foremost Halal Certification bodies in England. Its President Mr. Saqib Muhammed and Slaughterhouse Manager Mr. Mansour Ahmed have visited GIMDES.

They have mentioned that the GIMDES effort to increase cooperation between Halal Certification bodies is highly appreciated, and they would want to support to these workings as Halal Food Authority.

Mr. Saqib Muhammed mentioned that in the beginning, Halal Food Authority had done some Halal Certification in Turkey, but GIMDES has become reliable and trusty as Turkish Halal Certification body. So, they have informed GIMDES is now most appropriate to do Halal Certification studies in Turkey.

Additionally, they have finalized their agency agreement with Albrek QA Technic on 3 March 2014. Therefore, GIMDES will be the single recognised Halal Certification body by Halal Food Authority from that time.

Halal Food Authority President Mr. Saqib Muhammed mentions that Dr. Huseyin is a value for all Halal Certifiers so that we would like to get his knowledge and experience through further seminars in England.