UK: Halal Fresh UK’s First Halal Non-Subscription Recipe Box

Halal Fresh was founded by Saima Duhare back in 2016. She started her journey at this time when realising that there was no option for a Halal recipe box service when non Halal options were already being offered as a new way to encourage people to cook their own meals.

She had a love for cooking, eating and experimenting with different cuisines at home while having a healthy diet as well. She wanted to extend this into the community, so began taking serious steps towards realising her dream. This was to bring back the joy of cooking and eating healthy wholesome meals. All the while she was being mindful of her carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly packaging, tackling food waste since all the recipes are preportioned, offering world cuisines and using fresh high quality Halal ingredients.

Armed with passion, motivation and desire, she started knocking on doors to see if anybody would invest, only to be rejected several times. Since she couldn’t demonstrate she knew how to run a business, let alone a food business, she quickly realised the only way to make it happen was to invest her and her mother’s money with her own salary and capital her mother kindly lent her.

Saima incorporated the business in July 2017 and immersed herself into the food business, whilst holding her day job, and that’s when the journey really began.

Halal Fresh is more than just a recipe box, it’s a way of life, it’s a lifestyle choice to eat healthy, promote home cooking and bring back the fun of cooking. Slowly, but surely, she is getting there. You only have to read the reviews on her website of her Halal Fresh boxes to see what customers are saying.

When customers tell her that their brother, husband or teenage child is having a go at cooking using her boxes, it brings joy to her. Some of these people would never have even considered cooking in the past. Even more, with families being quarantined in the home, cooking is becoming a fun option to learn about, and enjoy eating meals with the family.

We are more than just a recipe box we are a lifestyle choice. Dinner is Sorted!