UK: Halal market brings big opportunities

Mohammad Nazir

than 100 senior managers from throughout the food chain have been
briefed on the opportunities offered by the growing demand for halal

Managers from supermarkets, meat suppliers, farmers, major multiples
and local authorities were at PAK Supermarket in Alum Rock, Birmingham
to hear how the growth in demand for halal meat represents the great
growth opportunity.

Delegates were told that with 51 million Muslims living in Europe
and 2.3 million in the UK demand for food that meets Islamic religious
standards is on the increase.

“There are tremendous opportunities with the Muslim population in
Europe and the UK growing faster then the rest of the population,” said
Mohammad Nazir, chairman of the West Midlands Minority Ethnic Business
Forum and a Director of the UK Halal Corporation. He said that the key
objective throughout the supply chain is to root out bad practice and
allow for a single unified standard.

“Muslims represent between three and four per cent of the UK
population but consume 30 per cent of red meat and 40 per cent of
poultry. Between seven and eight million people in the UK consume halal
food and the figure is rising,” said Mohammad Nazir.

He told the conference that it was important to raise awareness of
halal food and challenge the myths; including a false view that halal
only applied to meat, whereas it includes a huge range of products
including drink, medicines, soaps, cosmetics and even toothpaste.
Mohammad Nazir said that halal standards applied “from farm to
consumer” with the good treatment of animals an important issue.

“There is a myth that animals cannot be stunned prior to slaughter.
Stunning is acceptable, provided it does not actually kill the animal.
No animal is killed in the sight of any other animal,” added Mohammad

The halal seminar was supported by PAK Supermarket, Food Chain
Europe, The Halal Corporation, Tate & Lyle, The Society of Food
Hygiene and Technology, byotol, Sentinel Safety Solutions, Initial
Foodguard and Russell IPM.

Photograph: Mohammad Nazir, chairman of the West Midlands Minority Ethnic Business Forum. Visit w