UK – Halal meat getting recognition at long last

A research project has been commissioned by the newly-formed Halal
Steering Group, established by EBLEX with key industry figures to guide
work in the Halal sector and act as a forum for issues related to Halal

It will cover the Muslim population growth in England, as
well as demand for Halal products, the supply chain and changing
consumption trends, and build on previous work done to form a complete
view of the Halal sector.

The project is expected to take six
months and will help to quantify the Halal market which the domestic
sheep and cattle meat producing sectors need to address.

board member Simon Warren, chairman of the Halal Steering Group, said:
“The group was set up to look at issues affecting the Halal sector and
this first project will help give us a detailed picture of where we are

“It is the first time such a holistic study has been carried
out to our knowledge, and will help drive future activity.”

inaugural meeting of the steering group this month also identified the
need for a recognised assurance scheme for Halal products which will
specifically help English producers hoping to supply foreign markets.

group’s aim is to provide market knowledge for producers, processors,
butchers, retailers and the food service market, to help the supply of
appropriate products to the Muslim consumer.

Naved Syed, of Janan
Meat and a member of the Halal Steering Group, added: “The group has
been established to unlock the £1 billion market opportunity for
domestic producers, both here and through exports.

“Sheep meat
prices are currently on a high, partly as a result of demand for cull
ewes for the Halal market.

“This first research project will
give us a clearer view of domestic consumption to help the industry
ensure production is geared to efficiently meet the demand.”

has produced a DVD – The Quality Meat Supply Chain for the Muslim
Consumer – to help farmers, consumers and public sector caterers
understand how Halal meat is produced in England.

To request a
copy, email