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UK: Halal Monitoring Committee Limited goes into liquidation but is now trading as HMC (UK)

| 06/05/2012 | 14 Replies

2/5/12  HMC (UK) Press release

Halal Monitoring Committee Limited is in the process of being dissolved allowing them to be debt free and to continue their work they have set up as HMC (UK). The following press was issued to behalal yesterday.


HMC Background

In September 2011, HMC registered for VAT as agreed with the HMRC. Previous to this, HMC believed it was exempt from VAT due to the nature of its work and charity status

In early 2012, HMRC informed HMC that it should re-bill all its pre-existing customers for VAT dating back from 2005 and make payments due

The majority of pre-existing customers would be able to re-claim VAT from HMRC but could not pay due to cash flow

This requirement by HMRC caused HMC to have significant unforeseen cash flow issues, that it could not reconcile and settle with HMRC

After consulting with Scholars, and in response:

HMC UK has been established by concerned Trustees and Ulama to continue the work of Halal

Since February 2012 it has already taken on the responsibility of supplying genuine halal to 500+ outlets throughout the UK (continuity of halal supply)

Yunus Dudhwala, said the “the work for Halal is an important matter within the community and we are pleased with the response and support received”. HMC UK are pleased to support the Muslim Community and continue to provide much needed Halal Certification.

On Behalf of HMC UK

Board of Directors and Trustees

HMC is a trading name of HMC (UK) which is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales. Registration No. 7914375

Statement Ends


The following information is in the Public domain:

Winding Up Petitions (Companies) Notices:

Result 182 of 283 notices from the most recent publications

Date: 18 April 2012

Issue Number: 60119

Page number: 7630

Publication Date: Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Notice Code: 2450

Petitions to Wind Up (Companies)

In the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division)

Companies Court     No 2135 of 2012


(Company Number 05223745)

and in the Matter of the Insolvency Act 1986

A Petition to wind up the above-named Company, Registration Number 05223745, of 83 Rolleston Street, Leicester, Leicestershire, UK, LE5 3SD, presented on 6 March 2012 by the Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs, of Bush House, Strand, London WC2B 4RD, claiming to be Creditors of the Company, will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice, 7 Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL, on 30 April 2012, at 1030 hours (or as soon thereafter as the Petition can be heard).

Any persons intending to appear on the hearing of the Petition (whether to support or oppose it) must give notice of intention to do so to the Petitioners or to their Solicitor in accordance with Rule 4.16 by 1600 hours on 27 April 2012.

The Petitioners’ Solicitor is the Solicitor to HM Revenue and Customs, Solicitor’s Office, South West Wing, Bush House, Strand, London WC2B 4RD, telephone 020 7438 6920. (Ref SLR 1596239/37/N.)

18 April 2012.


I was astonished and disgusted to read that (HMC) the Halal Monitoring Committee Limited have chosen not to pay its outstanding debts which are outstanding to the HMRC after consulting with it Scholars.

After all the preaching and bullying that we had to endure at Simply Halal at the hands of HMC staff, and the constant double standards witnessed on a nearly daily basis, this latest statement by HMC Scholars and trustees does not surprise me!

What does surprise me is that respected Scholars and trustees think it is Islamic and acceptable to shut a business without paying its debts!

I would be very interested to know which trusted HMC Scholars think it is correct and Islamic, to fiddle the system like this, by not paying its bills, to then open up a new company and then continue to trade both the existing company and new company without telling its customers or suppliers.

How a company has traded and issued company accounts for the last 6 years, but still failed to acknowledge and realise that HMC had to charge VAT, is unthinkable and some would suggest unbelievable but it says it all about the HMC Management team.

If HMC was owed money, they would be the first to withdraw its staff, and tell the HMC shops to refuse your product because if it hasn’t got the HMC stamp its Haram!

It’s time to put a stop to the HMC tax, because it is obviously not Halal!

Roger Carr

Simply Halal Sales Ltd


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  1. Erica says:

    Surely the Inland Revenue will not let HMC get away with this?

    This is surely Fraud?

  2. Pure halal says:

    It’s total nonsense on how Hmc have conducted themselves, all they have been is legalised criminals by filling their own pockets through religion. It is haram if you owe debts and their brand should not be supported as its haram too. They are bullies and feed of the communities that have supported them whilst they have pocketed the money. I think it’s time to put an end to these sort of get rich schemes and kick them out. They are a shame to our religion and beliefs. Say no to Hmc . Say no to the mafia .

  3. Azil says:

    (HMC) Halal Monitoring Committee absolutely disgust me!

    If this is true, the people who advised them to conduct their business in this manner,deserve to go to prison, because this is blatant fraud!

    If people continue to purchase HMC product, knowing that HMC have blatantly shut their business to avoid paying VAT, then they are as guilty as HMC in supporting them!

  4. Erica says:

    HMC Accountant should be struck off, and all HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee Ltd) Directors should be banned from being Directors of any new busineses!

    Cant believe that they have the nerve to open up a new company which is HMC UK and just start freely trading!

    HMC directors should be feeling the pleasure of HMP (Her Majestys Prison).

  5. El says:

    HMRC should have been quicker than 2011 to say HMC “where the VAT since 2005?”. It is 6 years late? and that is probably the excuse of HMC “scholars” why they have a right to shut it down and start another ltd. Becuase realistically they can not go around and collect Vat for past 6 years. HMRC should have been quicker.

  6. Erica says:

    HMC have lost what credibility they still had!

    A good business runs on good accountancy, their is no excuse for what has happened!

    HMC Accountants, Scholars and Directors should be named and shamed!

    I feel sorry for their staff, cant be good knowing that you work for crooks!

  7. Haneef says:

    HMC is a needed organisation and provide a great service. They did not take anymoney from anyone and paid their bills.
    Muslims need to protect the integrity of Halal.

  8. Jonani says:

    The greatest sin they have done is to drag ‘scholars’ into this. If they really got scholars who advise them of this those scholars must be exposed. Otherwise they just lying and using scholars to cover there own money making scams.

    Where is the 900,000 gone? Who’s driving the big cars???

  9. adil says:


    I can’t understand why they have to close the company. I run a business, I know hmrc can be stubborn but they definitely give time if you have good reasons.

    Closing one company to open another is clear fraud. These scholars are just raking it in. Someone above said mafia – looks like that to me too

  10. Abdul says:

    HMC has brought shame to community, telling people what is not Halal but chewing up big chunk of Money and putting compnay into liquidation without realising that it is not Halal. I do not believe that they have consulted any scholars, it is greed which made the trustees to take that route. It was preplanned they had already registered HMC(UK) on 18/01/2012 and HMC UK was ready to take over this unslaughtered dead cow. It is shame to involve Ulemas in this game and justifications of wrong doings.

  11. Abdul says:

    Please stop pin pointing scholars everyone is responsible for their own actions and will be judged accordingly

  12. Razwan Aslam says:

    All that I want to know is whether HMC (UK) are still traiding using their monitoring methods for Slaughter as to ensure the authenticity of the Halaalness in the Meat?

  13. Norbaini says:

    This is the problem when you mix religion with business. So where is the demarcation? Shouldnt halal certifying be a govt agency?

  14. zabbah says:

    To Simply Halal sales:
    I doubt if HMC ever branded your meat haraam…they tend not to comment.
    Muslims in general are sceptical about the whole halal slaughtering process owing to various schools of thoughts.

    Given it is difficult for consumers like me to trust even our own Muslims butchers, I would absolutely steer clear of a non Muslim butcher…judging by your name I would say you are none Muslim and suffered more from this then anything else.

    Avoiding tax is a no go in terms or English law and Islamic law let alone the moral side of things. One cannot condone that

    However the people to blame or those Muslim butchers who have tarnished their own reputation by selling doubtful meat. One could argue HMC exploited that. It’s swings and round about.

    It’s up to individuals and communities to put pressure on their imams and slaughter houses to ensure we are provided halal meat. After all, we hound our politicians for worldly affairs

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