UK: Halal sector hits TV screens

A new 15-minute film about sheep meat production for the halal market is hoping to educate viewers on the often misunderstood practice. 

The film will take the audience on a journey starting on the farm and ending on the dinner plate via the slaughter process. It aims to inform viewers about specific meat cuts for Muslim consumers and features insights from farmers, processors, butchers, auctioneers and halal consumers.

Created by AHDB Beef & Lamb, the infomercial, called Farm to Fork, willAHDB-beef-lamb run for the next eight weeks on the Islam Channel. The broadcasting station will act as a platform for 136 countries to access the film.

“The halal sector is an important and growing market at home and overseas,” said Dr Phil Hadley, head of global supply chain development at AHDB Beef & Lamb.

According to AHDB, Muslims consume an estimated 20% of all sheep production sold in England. The peak times for consumption fall around the Eid and Ramadan festivals. By 2030, the total UK Muslim population is expected to rise 8.2%.

“It adds value to the sheep sector, in particular, and the film ties in with the key time in the Islamic calendar to highlight the quality of our home-grown lamb for both domestic and overseas markets,” Hadley continued.

The film can also be accessed on Beef and Lamb TV.