UK: Haute Elan – a premium modest fashion e-tailer

Haute Elan is a premium modest fashion e-tailer with a distinct point of view. We offer a curated edit of the world’s most coveted modest designers online and across our international boutiques. Haute Elan is renowned for unparalleled customer service, exclusivity and its pioneering ethical spirit. Launched in 2015 as the world’s first high-fashion multi-brand concept, the business has evolved into a leading global fashion player.

Our relaunched online platform includes a host of new features including one step checkout, seamless omni-channel shopping, hot-off-the-press Fashion Insider content and improved shipping. We offer next day global delivery with free returns delivery to the UK. You can also shop seamlessly between our online and offline stores in four different currencies – GBP, EUR, AED and USD.

As well as online, Haute Elan is working on opening a network of retail stores across Europe, Middle East, India and Malaysia. With the flagship boutique opening in Knightsbridge soon, which will exude the pared-back elegance the brand has become synonymous with. The boutique is set to attract the most discerning shoppers, thanks to the unique and edited collections from the world’s renowned designers, many of which are exclusive to Haute Elan.

Haute Elan currently showcases a curated selection of over 250 designers. Hosting a range of clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, beauty and home-ware. The brands are currently categorised as Luxe, Lab and contemporary. Gucci, Amal Al Raisi, Hessa Al Fallasi and Amanda Pearl to name a few.

We are proud to house some of the industry’s top insiders at Haute Elan. Scouring the globe for leading trends and decadent destinations, our expert team reports on the latest fashion updates, coveted inside information and exclusive interviews for your delectation. Whether you visit us in one of our stores or online, our commitment is first and foremost to customer service. Our in store personal shopping teams are at your service for every requirement from finding the right size to locating or reserving your most wanted items to a full makeover of your wardrobe.

At the core of the business is the belief that business should be a tool for the betterment of our society and £1 for every purchase is given to the award winning Women Collective, which provides funds, mentoring and support to empower female entrepreneurs. Haute Elan presents modest style for a woman who is global, a woman who cares about her world and who wants to make a change for the better in the world. Haute Elan is an employer that works closely to support the flexible lives women need when bringing-up young families.

On February 20th 2017 – Haute Elan is proud to have hosted the first ever modest fashion showcase in the British capital, London Modest Fashion Week (LMFW) with Illamasqua as official sponsors with queues for some two hours on opening the doors.

On 18th and 19th February 2017, 40 designers unveiled their latest collections on the runway at the Saatchi Gallery. Offering a platform for emerging and established modest fashion brands from all over the world to connect with industry insiders, retailers, modest fashion influencers, celebrities and the British public, the event saw more than 3,000 people of all faiths and from across the world fly in and enjoy two days of global modest fashion and shopping, panel discussions and investor workshops.

LMFW will return during LFW 2018 and the organisers are already in discussions with global brands to sponsor this annual fixture. The timing is now ripe, the global Muslim population is young and growing, with spend on clothing set to hit USD327bn by 2020.

Romanna Bint-Abubaker, CEO of Haute Elan said, “London Modest Fashion Week is a new and exciting addition to the London fashion calendar. It has put modest fashion on the map globally and demonstrated the power of this grassroots revolution in fashion mostly led by female entrepreneurs and influencers on social media and the power of the unity that digital media can bring.

The media flurry has reinforced the goal of empowering women around the world and the driving force that is Haute Elan. The positive message Haute Elan conveys in the challenging times of today in defying steroetypes women experience everyday.

Haute Elan exists for the benefit of our community, for the benefit of providing brands with the opportunity, with exposure and with learnings that can help them develop the next generation of SME’s and global brands.

Bringing together women of all faiths and cultures and empowering them through this access Haute Elan is more than just a commerce platform but a tool to present unity. Modest fashion is that unifying commonality and we’re proud to have witnessed the power of this unity this weekend.

“What I most hope for is greater participation from the mainstream fashion industry. At present I feel that they are still dabbling and not realising the sheer power of this market, 1 in 3 people in the world will be a Muslim in 2030 and this forms the fastest growing global consumer segment, any brand not considering this market is missing the biggest opportunity of the century” explains Romanna Bint-Abubaker, CEO of Haute Elan.