UK: MAT to Settle the Terms of Reference to the Community Inquiry

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal will be inviting all the stakeholders involved in the recent discovery of pork DNA contamination in the supply chain of a Northern Ireland company to a Community Inquiry.

MAT wrote to the certifier of the facility, Halal Food Authority (HFA), to comment on the pork DNA contamination found in meat pasties served in prisons. HFA have responded to MAT, and have assured their full cooperation in informing the Community Inquiry about the incident.

MAT has further engaged with all the parties involved in the cross-contamination scandal, wherein pork DNA was found in the products served in prisons. All the parties involved with the supply chain have been given 14 days to respond to the Community Inquiry and it is expected that the initial responses shall be completed by the 18th of March 2013.

The Governing Council of MAT intends to appoint a senior Barrister and 2 senior Muslim Scholars to head the Community Inquiry and the terms of reference for the said panel shall be made public by the 2nd of April 2013. It is expected that the panel members of the Community Inquiry shall meet mid April and make their release findings thereafter.

For further information Contact Fiaz Hussian
Muslim Arbitration Tribunal
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