UK Meeting on Halal Travel

0a11a_114Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London Kensington, UK will be the venue for over 200 travel professionals from 40 countries to meet on November 2 to exchange views on halal lesiure; business travel incorporating meetings, incentives, conferencing, and exhibitions (MICE); Umrah pilgrimage; and other Islamic tourism opportunities and packages.

When Muslim families from the Middle East, North Africa, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and elsewhere around the world take a vacation, they will prefer to stay in hotels that offer halal food in their restaurants. They also prefer not to let their children see alcoholic drinks in the room refrigerator, according to
Being able to conveniently find the ‘qibla’ or direction of Ka’ba in Mecca is another factor contributing to a halal hotel room. And a prayer rug would be much appreciated.

The expression halal leisure is also used when Muslim honeymooners plan to enjoy their nuptials in a private villa with a private pool. Here, it means, the ladies in particular are offered privacy in pools, beaches and spas. Thus they can swim and enjoy the sun, away from public view. Muslim families would also be interested in flying aboard halal flights.

The same is true about halal business travel (MICE). When associations in Islamic countries offer their members an incentive tour, the tour services are expected to be halal. In meetings and conventions, whether in Islamic countries or elsewhere, it would be simple courtesy to Muslim delegates to be offered halal food with no spirits on the table.

The Umrah pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia brings around 8 million Muslims to Mecca and Medina every year. Usually in the Hajj pilgrimage, before or after the pilgrimage, pilgrims are interested to visit another country as halal leisure travel. Palestine is a major destination of such travels, where Muslims visit Qubat-ol-Sakhra and Al-Aqsa Mosque.