UK: New Cocoa Replacer developed to Combat Spiralling Prices

Fayrefield Foodtec has developed a new cocoa replacer to combat spiralling prices.

The  introduction of a new cocoa replacer could not be more timely. With prices  of Cocoa Powder soaring to £5 a kilo manufacturers are finding margins under  increasing pressure.

Baketec 10632 is made from natural ingredients and  can be used in a variety of applications where cocoa powder is used including  sponge cakes, cookies and hot chocolate sauces.

Steve Timms, Managing  Director of Fayrefield Foodtec, says “There is no lack of taste or reduction  in quality. Depending on the application cost savings of up to 40% are  achievable with Baketec 10632.”

Fayrefield Foodtec has become somewhat of a specialist in  producing a range of food ingredients including Egg replacers; Dairy  replacers; Sugar free mixes; Gluten free bakery mixes.

All of these  products are proven to reduce costs whilst often improving quality and  nutritional benefits.

For further information on these Halal certified products you can contact: Steve Timms- Tel: +44  (0) 7774 607514