UK: New Halal counter at Tesco Store

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The National Halal Centre now have a halal counter in a major store in Lancashire.

Their counter is based at the Tesco Store Blackburn. They also have a halal counter at the Tesco Cheetham Hill Store in Manchester.

The halal counter offers a range of produce packaged under the National Halal Centre brand. The counter has Muslim staff and a separate storage area.

mrhalal-logo-smallThe National Halal Centre state on their website, “The National Halal Food Group is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its customers. Our Halal products and services are in strict accordance with Islamic Shariah requirements stun free.

“We guarantee complete transparency and traceability.”

The National Halal established the first halal butchers and in 1970 they opened the U.K.’s first Muslim owned Lamb Abattoir.