UK: New Halal meat group formed

New halal meat group formed

9:41am Wednesday 15th June 2011

Members of the halal meat industry have formed a new association non-stun Abattoir owners.

Mohammed Akram Gill (Director of Pak Mecca Meats Birmingham) and the chairman of Association of Non-Stun Abattoirs Ltd, said “This was long overdue the non-stun halal industry was without a voice.

“The lack of industry leadership and cooperation, especially given the state of the current economy the association aims to create and raise awareness of the halal industry according to the teaching of the Quran and the prophetic tradition.

Speaking at the Paragon Hotel Birmingham Ghulam Mustaffa (Premier Halal Meat), said “This is good news for Muslim consumers especially Muslim House wife’s. The ANSA logo will give them assurance that the meat they will be consuming is truly halal and is ritually halal slaughtered according to Islamic principles”.

Ejaz Najib (Director M. Najab and sons) Vice Chair said ”The halal word is most misused word in the UK for labeling of meat and poultry, ANSA will be able to offer cleans and wholesome product that the Muslims community wants”.

The non political and not for profit organization aims to act as a voice for the Non-Stun Halal Abattoirs and to create a better understanding of halal meat industry throughout the supply chain right down to the consumers.

The Association aims to build confidence amongst the UK Muslim population on English Halal meat industry by doing this it will open up the halal trade for export further improving the British economy.

The association welcomes the new legislation where all non stun meat will have to display a three-step label describing the animal’s country of birth, upbringing, and slaughter.